Mexico Genealogy

Death registration, 16, February 1905, in “Desfunciones 1904-1907”, Archivo Del Registro Civil De Uriangato,1905, (Guanajuato, Mexico), Vol. 35, Pg. 9, Registry #26 (original volume); FamilySearch ( : accessed 28 April 2015), [digital image] Uriangato > Guanajuato > Uriangato > Defunciones 1904-1907 > image 416 of 688; Archivo General del Registro Civil del Estado Guanajuato (Guanajuato Civil Registry State Archives).

A grandmother’s oral tradition leads to Mexican baptism, confirmation, marriage, death records, and boarder crossing cards.

Yes, Mexican records can be found! A recent project for a client started with the oral tradition of a family with roots in Uriangato, Mexico. Using the grandmother’s information, a number of records were discovered related to the family going back three generations.

This record shows one ancestor’s death registration indicating his age, place of death, cause of death, and where he was living. contains thousands of digital images of Civil Registration and Church records throughout Mexico. However be prepared to spend time as records are not indexed and you need familiarity with Spanish text but the search is rewarding.

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