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Famsaga Genealogical Services

Brandon Cooper – Professional Genealogist

913-620-7267  brandon.m.cooper@att.net

Famsaga is located in the Kansas City area with access to a number of local archives and research centers.


National Archives Central Plains Region – Kansas City https://www.archives.gov/kansas-city

Midwest Genealogy Center http://www.mymcpl.org/genealogy

Kansas State Historical Society – Topeka  http://www.kshs.org

Kansas City Public Library – Missouri Valley Special Collections  http://www.kchistory.org

Kansas City Research Center – State Historical Society of Missouri  https://shsmo.org/about/kansascity/

Trowbridge Research Library & Archives – Wyandotte County Museum  http://www.wycomuseum.org/WCM_research.html

Johnson County Library Local History & Genealogy https://www.jocolibrary.org/research/genealogy