Why Hire A Genealogist

Discover Your Family Saga

Why Hire a Genealogist?

There are good reasons to consider hiring a professional genealogist.

Many people do not know where to go or how to start.  They may not have the time, required skills, or the patience to dig through records. 


On-line research has improved but, the internet can hold inaccurate or undocumented information. Many records cannot be found on-line and require actual legwork and physical searching.


Managing a research project can be difficult. Organizing family records, documents or photographs can be an overwhelming task without expertise advice.

A professional assessment of your information may help you save needless aggravation and wasted effort.


Places where you have become stuck or have found dead ends, a professional can offer possible suggestions to seek new lines of evidence or records to investigate.


A professional makes use of vital analytic skills to understand the clues documents provide and how to connect the dots in a family history.  


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